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Bachelor Accommodation , Properties In Dubai

Resource for Bachelor Accommodation , Properties In Dubai , Hsmp Skilled Immigration, Working Holiday Visa, Family Class Immigration, Temporary Entry, Skilled Worker Immigration and fun forum. Continue for our current list of the Bachelor Accommodation , Properties In Dubai.

Bachelor Accommodation in Dubai

*+97150-5640709 is the* number to call for fully furnished bed spaces,
in a brand new building, on Naif Road.

*1 W.A/C, unfurnished* room + attached bath, on Riqqa St., available
immediately for non-smoking & non-cooking Indian executive bachelors, on
twin sharing basis. Dh 2,200/-P.M. + W/E. 050-4737638.

*3 bed spaces* in a fully furnished flat, in Karama, for executive male
bachelors. 050-3537976/ 050-2120026 / 050-5373679.

*4 bunk bed* spaces in Satwa, for Indians / Tamilians. Rent Dhs 450/-
P.M., incl. W/E + Dhs 460/- deposit. Call 050-3514620.

*8 rooms, with* bathrooms, split A/C & kitchen facility, in Ras Al Khor,
Al Awir, for bachelors / Co. staff. Call 050-2564864.

*Accom. for an* exec. Muslim bachelor (sharing basis), behind Al
Mussalla Tower, Bur Dubai. Contact 050-7747396.

*Accommodation in Deira,* with separate bath & free car parking, for 2
non-cooking, Indian executive bachelors. Dhs 2,000/- P.M. Call
050-4661348 after 8 pm.

*Al Maktoum, near* Clock Tower, C.A/C, spacious, fully furnished room +
kitchen facility, for decent, Indian, exec. bachelors. Dh 2,700/- P.M. +
W/E. 050-4573800.

*Al Rigga, bed* spaces, with E-vision, in a furnished room. Dhs 850/-
P.M. Advance rent + 1 month deposit. Call 050-7289826.

*Al Shaab, Hor* Al Anz, fully furnished bachelor accommodation available
for Keralite executive bachelor, for 1 month from Nov 3rd. Please call

*Available for rent:* executive staff accommodation in Hor Al Anz & Al
Warqa. Call: 050-2880668. Dubai Connection Real Estate.

*Bed space available* near Holiday Inn Hotel, Deira. Dhs 650/- including
W/E. Contact 050-2937775 / 050-8552536.

*Bed space in* a furnished flat, in Frij Murar, Deira, available for
exec. bachelors. Dhs 675/- incl. W&E. 050-4253305.

*Bed space in* a neat flat, in Deira, near Eid Musalla, for a religious,
Keralite, Muslim bachelor. Call 050-3556700, after 7 pm.

*Bed space near* Clock Tower, opp. Concorde Cinema, Rolla, available
only for an executive bachelor. Call 050-5193709.

*Bed space, available* for a Keralite bachelor, near Fish Roundabout.
Call 050-5082062.

*Bed space, with* 2 toilets & full kitchen, in Karama, available for
Filipinos. Dhs 650/- + Dhs 75/- (W&E). Contact 050-4542914.

*Bed spaces in* a brand new, C.A/C bldg., in Rolla, for exec. bachelors.
Rent Dhs 500/-. Call 050-4393242 / 050-2113427.

*Bed spaces in* a fully furnished room, in a spacious flat, available
for executive bachelors. Contact 050-2580529.

*Bed spaces in* a furnished flat, on Naif Rd., Deira, for Muslim exec.
bachelors. Dhs 580/-incl. W/E. 050-8870990 / 04-2717660.

*Bed spaces in* Al Rigga, opp. Taj Palace Hotel, available for executive
bachelors. Dhs 1,000/- incl. W/E. Call 050-8876710.

*Bed spaces, with* facilities, in a C.A/C bldg., near Naif Rd., Deira,
for Indian bachelors. Dhs 475/- + W/E. 050-8722481.

With Split A/C. For Indian Bachelors or Executive Company Staff.
Reasonable Rent. Monthly Payment. Agents are welcome. 050-2020027
050-8752484 *

*Bur Dubai -* furnished bed space, with kitchen facility for 1 Keralite,
exec. bachelor. Call 050-5345316 / 050-3960725.

*BUR DUBAI Near Dolphin Apartments In a New, C.A/C flat, Fully Furnished
Rooms & Bed Spaces Available for Decent Indian Bachelors. Rent Dhs 450/-
+ W/E. For details, call 050-7261915 / 050-8507377 050-7358300 /
050-6882376 *

*Bur Dubai, near* Astoria Hotel, sharing accommodation, with sep. bath &
kitchen, for an executive bachelor. 050-3953136.

*Bur Dubai, near* taxi stand, furnished accomm. for Keralite exec.
bachelors. Rent Dhs 950/- + W/E. Call 050-4588151.

*Bur Dubai, OPC* Area - 2 bed spaces available for executives, in a new
C.A/C furnished 1 B/R flat. Rent Dhs 1,200/- each incl. W/E. Call
050-5384319 / 050-3607269.

*Bur Dubai, opp.* Ramada, accommodation, for an executive bachelor. Rent
Dhs 2,000/- p.m. Call 050-7594616.

*Bur Dubai, prime location, in a brand new C.A/C flat, various sizes
rooms & fully furnished bed spaces, available for Indian executive
bachelors. Monthly payment. Call 050-7358300 / 050-8574430. *

*Deira Behind Reef Mall Fully-furnished Window A/C Room With separate
bath, for 1 executive male. Dhs 3,800/- incl. W/E. Call 050-3400947
050-2766889 *

*Deira, Al Muteena* - accommodation for Keralite / Tamilian bachelors.
Rent Dhs 375/- only per person. Ph. 050-5853492.

*Excellent, fully furnished,* exec. bachelor sharing accommodation at Al
Wasl Rd., in Jumeirah. Friendly atmosphere encouraged. Call Munib on

*Executive bachelor accommodation* available for a Keralite, opposite
BurJuman Centre. Dhs 700/-. Call 050-5943194.

*Fully furnished accommodation* in a C.A/C building, in Al Khan,
available for executive bachelors. Call 050-6729476.

*Fully furnished room* + separate bath, in a 2 B/R hall flat, in Abu
Shagara, Shj., for an exec. bachelor. Contact 050-5976253.

*Fully furnished room* available in sharing accommodation, without
attached toilet, in a C.A/C apartment, with swimming pool, opposite
Standard Chartered Bank, B/h. Panorama Hotel, Bur Dubai. Rent Dhs
3,500/- per month (including W/E). Call Mr. Ravi 050-4264586, Aryene
Properties LLC. Email: rohit@aryene.com. Ref. Ravi-0012.

*Furnished accommodation +* mess facility, near Abu Shagara Park, for a
vegetarian executive bachelor. Call 050-5505249.

*Hamriya, opposite Friday* Market, spacious rooms, with attached bath &
kitchen, for executive bachelors. Rent Dhs 2,000/- to 2,500/-. Call
050-8548072 / 050-4653103.

*Hor Al Anz,* near Post Office, room available for bachelors. Call

*Hor Al Anz,* near the post office, furnished bed space for Indian,
executive bachelors. Dhs 450/- + W/E. Call 050-2479210 / 050-7640522.

*Jafliya, Satwa -* W.A/C spacious room in a flat, with ceramic flooring,
sharing kitchen & 1 full bath. Suitable for non-cooking, non-smoking
executives. Call 050-4287767.

*Karama - 3* bed spaces in a spacious room + shared bath, for an Indian,
exec. bachelors. Dhs 900/- + W&E. 050-7780892.

*Karama, 1 semi-furnished* room for an Indian executive bachelor. Rent
Dhs 2,200/-. Contact 050-4978829.

*Karama, fully-furnished spacious* room + separate bath and kitchen
facilities, for Indian exec. bachelors. Call 04-3368141.

*Karama, near Kirthi* Restaurant, 2 bed spaces with C.A/C, for Indian /
Pakistani Muslims. Dhs 550/- + W&E. 050-7841558.

*Karama, near Kirthi* Restaurant, bed spaces with C.A/C, for exec.
bachelors. Dhs 900/- + W&E (with attached bath) & Dhs 750/- + W&E. Call

*Muraqqabat Rd., Close to Travel Mart, in a C.A/C, fully furnished bed
spaces & small rooms, with cleaning service + E-Vision Available for
Indian Executive Bachelors Call 050-8748220 050-8740935 *

*Near Hamriya Park* Signal, 2 rooms available for staff accommodation.
Call 04-2698887 / 050-8423728.

*Near Karama Centre,* bed spaces available for executive bachelors.
Reasonable rent. Call 050-2879139 / 050-5680889.

*Near Karama Park C.A/C Flat, Bed Spaces & Small / Big Rooms. Fully
furnished + daily cleaning service, TV & washing machine. Available for
Indian Executive Bachelors. Monthly Payment Call 050-2244175 050-7942292 *

*One bed space* (capacity of max. 3 persons in a big room with balcony)
in a flat at Al Musalla Road, opposite Bur Dubai. Rent Dhs 850/- (incl.
W/E). Call Nadar on 050-3768598 / 050-6980134.

*Qusais, B/R &* bed space + built-in wardrobes, behind Princess Hotel,
for an exec. bachelor. 050-5028701 / 050-5467230.

*Riqqa Near Holiday Inn Down Town Fully-furnished C.A/C room for 1
executive male. Dhs 3,500/- incl. W/E. Call 050-2766889 050-3400947 *

*Room / bed* space available in Qusais, for executive bachelors. Rent
start from Dhs 650/- P.M. Ph. 050-8091736 / 050-2263275.

*Room in a* central A/C building, in Al Ghusais, Dubai; also room in
Sharjah, available for bachelors. Contact 050-5757360.

*Room near Sharjah* Clock Tower available for 2 non-cooking executive
bachelors. Dhs 1,000/- + W/E. Call 050-7724156.

*Rooms near Century* Mall, with free parking, available for executive
bachelors. Rajees on 050-5797052 / 050-7581187.

*Satwa, C.A/C furnished* hall + cooking facility. North Indian Muslim
bachelor preferred. Dhs 1,600/- P.M. Call 050-8584259.

*Satwa, opposite Emirates* Bank, rooms available for executive
bachelors. Contact 050-8997550 / 050-8696101.

*Semi-furnished room in* Bur Dubai, near HSBC Bank. Please contact
050-3567342, after 7 pm.

*Sh. Zayed Rd.,* between 2nd & 3rd Interchange, opp. Nissan Showroom,
rooms available for executive bachelors. Contact 050-8713542 / 050-7642157.

*Spacious rooms, with* balconies, in a furnished flat (2 baths, hall &
terrace), in Al Bustan, Ajman, for exec. bachelors. Dhs 275/- each,
incl. W/E. Call 050-4237125.

*Super deluxe executive* bachelors sharing accommodation (bed spaces)
available in a fully furnished apartment, spacious balcony, in a decent
and nice building, in Bur Dubai. From AED 1,500/- onwards per month per
person (including water & electricity and every day house cleaning).
Kindly call on 050-4264586, Aryene Properties LLC, Ref No: 0011 W
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